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Pro-Edge Solutions provides specialized legal services to citizens throughout the State of Maryland. The founders of the organization were both born and raised in some of the roughest neighborhoods in Baltimore but managed to overcome the adversities of being products of impoverished and undeserved communities. As both founders each suffered the loss of a child (one to suicide and one to gang violence) they both acknowledged that a change was needed to break the cycle of crime, poverty, and recidivism among men, women, and youth within urban communities. This change must also come about to end the ongoing mistreatment, and unfair judicial procedures of which minorities are subject to before, during, and after incarceration.

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The mission of Pro-Edge Solutions is to uplift urban communities by developing and implementing effective strategies to enhance the quality of life within underserved communities by reducing crime and preventing reconviction through the expansion of resources and addressing complex legal issues that serve a barriers to success.

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